Beautiful, No-Nonsense WordPress Websites

WordPress is a great way to produce search engine-friendly websites that are attractive, easy to update, and mobile responsive.

Thoughtful Logo Design that will Get Your Brand Recognized

Nothing is more crucial to your visual identity than your logo. Arriving at the right solution takes skill and careful consideration along the way... our specialty!

Building Attractive, Effective Websites for Over a Decade

If you're looking for someone to help you through the process of building an attractive, functional website that gets results, you've come to the right place.

Print Design in ALL Shapes and Sizes

From Brochures and Business Cards, to Tradeshow Displays and Product Packaging... and just about everything in-between... if it can be designed and printed, 6 foot 8 can help.



Every online project has different considerations, but generally our websites are built to be mobile responsive and are developed using WordPress, giving you both a search-friendly foundation and the ability to make content changes "in house" if desired.


Whether it is a brochure, tradeshow display, product package, or anything in-between, the process typically begins by asking, ”what is the purpose of the piece?” Once this is understood, bringing in and organizing the right content elements becomes a much clearer process, and arriving at the right solution soon follows.


Your brand is made up of so many things. If you sell a product, the quality of your product is likely among the most important brand elements. If you offer a service, your skill is likely paramount. But whatever your business or cause, central to your brand is your visual identity.


6 foot 8 brings years of creative experience and communications insight to every project. We specialize in finding the right visual solution for your design project. Of course your finished product is going to look good, but even more important than that, we make certain that the end result effectively communicates the intended message and feel to your audience.

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